Who We Are

A Small But Mighty Team

On the outside, we are a team of hardworking, dedicated stone masons. And on the inside we’re just a couple of guys who love what we do. Our goal is to build work of the best quality possible, work that we’re proud of, and work that will last for generations. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our work, and we enjoy the work we do. We do this because we love shaping the rocks, helping each wall blend into the natural landscape, and leave each job proud of what we built for our client.
Jon LaGrant

Jon LaGrant

Mason & Owner

Jon considers himself pretty darn lucky to have happened upon a masonry assistant job when he as 20. He didn’t yet know what he wanted “to do with his life” but he enjoyed the work (at the beginning, primarily mixing and delivering cement by hand for hours each day) and he liked the lead mason he worked for. Little by little, as he started to see the incredible beauty that could be pulled from each rock, he was hooked. And 20 years later, he is incredibly proud to call himself a mason (and happy to have someone else to mix the cement). Sure, it helped that he has collected rocks since a young age, but he only happening upon a masonry job was one of the lucky moments of his life.

If you ask his family and friends, they will tell you that Jon is dedicated, loyal, and hard working. If you ask his colleagues, they’ll tell you that Jon is as modest as he is talented, and calm even when everything goes sideways. Jon’s true loves are his wife and daughter but he also enjoys playing in the garden and going fishing on weekends, unless there’s a good football game to watch.

JH Corry

JH Corry

Mason & Owner

Originally from Tallahassee Florida, JH Corry is a veteran stonemason of 6 years. His stonework career began in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, building stone staircases and retaining walls with the Grand Teton National Park Trail Crew.

He deeply cherishes the years he spent working for the National Park Service. It gave him the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of people, and to learn and absorb skills from trail experts with a variety of different talents. The Trail Crew in the Tetons became his second family, and he considers himself blessed to call Wyoming home for many summers.

JH Corry moved to North Carolina in 2015, and has been building quality stonework with Jon LaGrant for 3 years, in the Asheville area.

JH feels very fortunate to have met Jon and has been very impressed by Jon’s knowledge and experience with every aspect of stonework. Jon has been a valuable mentor, and has become a great friend. Jon introduced JH to a superior standard of stonework, and helped him elevate his technical skills to meet that standard.

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We offer free consultations and estimates to each of our potential clients. We would love to help you design stonework that adds beauty and functionality to your home. 

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